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My Artistic Talent  
06:07pm 24/11/2010
For a while now I've been wanting to do an entry about my artistic talent but I've never really got around to it until now. Instead of just going on about my artistic talent in drawing am going to talk about my artistic talent in making these really cool blingees. For all four years in high school I've taken art under one of the absolute coolest teacher at my high school. Ok she's not that cool but all the people in my Art IV class would totally agree. Since Art I my art work has really approved to a great level.

Right now my favorite thing to draw are faces with either really colorful makeup or colorful hair. At the moment am drawing a picture of a girl's eye with her hand. The picture is of one the girl's eye and she has her hand right beside her eye. The picture is mostly blue because she's got blue eyes. long fake blue eyelashes on, blue eyeshadow on, and has a bunch of different hues of blue rings on her hand. It's really pretty. I wish could put the picture of what am drawing on here but unfortunally I don't have it on the computer that am currently on.

My favorite means of drawing is pastel, pointillism in pen and ink, and collage. I also do my art work in pencil, color pencil, and oil pastel but I don't like them that much. The one thing I hate doing my art work in is water color, charcoal, and paint. I like drawing still life, faces,and graffiti. Some things I've come to hate drawing are cloth, bones, flowers, bottles, and bones.

In my last year of high school I was a little nervous about wanting to take Art IV or not. The reason I was like that because Art IV for people who are really good at art. When I looked at my art work I was like its good but I don't think its good enough for an Art IV. As you can see I really don't have much self confidence in myself. Spontaneously I end up signing up for Art IV this year and am glad and then again am not. The reason am not happy I took it is because its AP and since it is AP we got to do this stupid portfolio and for it we have to do like almost forty pieces of artwork. A certain number of the art pieces has to have a concentration which more or less means has same idea of something I can't really remember. First semester is almost over and I don't even have an idea for my concentration yet oh well.

I mention at the begin of the entry about the fact I do blingees. My blingees are really cool. Instead of doing a blingee of a person I do blingees with anime which turn out really cool. Actually last year at Christmas I made this cool Christmas blingee that I sent to a bunch of my friends, which is also on a post I made on here last year around Christmas. If any of yall are interested in seeing my blingees go to photobucket and search for the user 2girl1993 and then go to the file labeled Blingee. Oh yeah, I almost forgot other than looking at my blingees on photobucket you can also see some of my art work that I've got on there. Lastly if any of yall get to see them I would love to hear yall's feed back.

Lastly these are pictures of graffiti I've done for my friends. Also when it comes to either graffiti, artwork, or blingee I don't take request for anyone because I purely do these for myself and for fun.

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Senior Year  
05:20pm 30/09/2010
Back in August I started my last year of high school as a senior. Am loving thats its my last year then am not because after all its my last year in school. Unlike the past year I absolutely love all my classes because they are so easy. Calculus is sorta hard and all but after you learn how to do the problems and stuff its pretty easy and understandable but this is all coming from a math loving geek. =)

This week is Homecoming Week at Greenville against Wilcox. I can't wait to go to the game Friday and see Greenville beat Wilcox. This year we've won most of all games so far and hopefully like the past years will win all regional games. When you when all your regional games you go to the playoffs. Not only do I want our boys, football players, to go to the playoffs I want them to win the regional championship game. The two reasons why I want them to is because one is its my last year at high school and would cool to have them win the regional championship game our senior year. The second reason is that my gov/eco teacher, who is also a football coach, said that if we went to the regional championship game and won he would get a mohawk and dye it multicolor. In fifty minutes will be having the homecoming parade then the bonfire, if we have it. Then after that I'll be going to the coutny fair.

Lastly I've been thinking of some ideas of entries I could do on here other than having entries about whats going on with me. Some of my ideas are writing about some good mangas I've read, posting some of my poetry that I wrote in Creative Writing last year, and pictures of my art work and what they are about and all. In the end I don't know if I'll do any of those are not but I think I'll try to.
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June 2010  
06:06pm 01/06/2010
In April we had prom. It was at one of the golf courses. It was so much fun. I wore a short strapless light green poofy dress with a black trim at the top and a black belt. My shoes had short heels and were black strappy like slide on  shoes. I didn't have a date mainly because I didn't ask anyone and I didn't really care to ask anyone. So I went to the prom with my best friend and her date. While at the prom I got to see one of my friends I haven't seen since she moved away in ninth grade. After the prom I went to the movies and saw Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too and after that I went home and feel asleep on the couch.

Then last month was my birthday. My birthday was the same as always boring and my parents didn't let me have a party. Only three good things happened on my birthday they were my classmates actually told me happy birthday, I got a wii, and someone I went to church with gave me a pound cake which I didn't really get to it because everyone in my family ate it up before I could get a slice of it.

Today was the last day of school. Even though it was the last day no one went today or Friday because it wasn't mandatory for us to go since they were just make up days for two days we were out school due to weather. My summer is going ok so far. This year am going to try to hang out with my friends during the summer.

Originally I was going to do some summaries of Haruka but I don't think am going to continue to do so. The main reason being am to lazy to actually get on here and do more of them. Another reason is am going to be with my friends a lot this summer and I got homework over the summer for AP Calculus and Art.
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Haruka "Beyond the Stream of Time" Ch 16 Summary Part 1  
08:36pm 03/05/2010

Before I start with the summary I'll warn you am sorta bad at summarizing stuff. Am starting with ch 18 because on mangafox they stopped updating Haruka after ch 15. Lastly I decided to divided the chapter into two parts because its kinda long.

Ch 16 starts off with three monks at a temple talking to each other. A figure can be seen standing on top of one of the buildings.

1st Monk - It's true! I saw someone on the roof of the pagoda!

2nd Monk - But...no normal person could climb up there! And our temple prays daily for the safety of this country! Why would we be haunted?!

1st Monk It wasn't a ghost it was surrounded by flames.

1st Monk - Buddha is trying to tell us something!

The three monks stop and see a harp laying in front of a statue of Budda.

2nd Monk - The intruder left something in forn of our idol.

3rd Monk - It's...a harp.

3rd Monk - But who on earth could have put it here?

2nd Monk - It's too beautiful to touch.

1st Monk thinks in his mind - ....This must be meant for me. Clearly Buddha has recognized my musical talent! It's mine!

2nd Monk - This is indeed strange. We must inform the imperial palace.

The person spotted on the roof by one the monks watched the monks and says to himself - Come on, will you?

1st Monk inspects the harp - I've never seen a harp like this. The strings....

Monk plays the harp, screams, then dies.

The boy on the roof, a demon, laughs at the Monk dying and calls the Monk a fool. He then has a flash back of when the Gaurdains faught Akram and says in his head - Come, Gaurdains I'll pay you back for what you did to Master Akram.
Scene switches to the palace that Akane is staying at. Two maids are talking and Tomomasa and Yasuaki come in.

1st Maid - The Major General is here.

2nd Maid - Oh my.

1st Maid - He's so gorgeous!

2nd Maid - He's with that sorcerer, too.

1st Maid - So un aproachable, yet so handsome!

1st Maid- But the Major General.....looks mor distant than usual.

2nd Maid - When they're with the Priestess...it's quite a picture!

Now in a courtyard is Tomomasa, Yasuaki, Yorihisa, Tenma, and Akane.

Tomomasa - You look like a flower in the rain...Priestess

Akane - Tomomasa...

Tomomasa - Well? What happened?

Tenma - Inori picked a fight with Shimon.

Yorihisa - Inoris' hatred for the Deomon Clan runs deep. He thinks Shimon is a demon.

Akane in her head - I could never befriend a deon! Yeah, Inori was pretty streamed. I told him he was wrong but he wouldn't listen. Do all the Capital's people hate demons like that?

Tomomasa - I see. But it seems the Dragon God doesn't consider hair color when chossing Guardains.

Tenma - This is no joke.

Tomomasa - I couldn't agree more. We've got serious problems on our hands. I've been up all night working on them.

Akane - Problems?

Tomomasa - There's a big temple on Kujo. It's on one of the sacred grounds the protect the Capital. Last night a young Monk died there. A man's shadow was seen atop the temple's five-storey pagoda...and then a harp was found in a locked room on the first floor. no one knows how it got there...but it shouldn't have been there. The monk who found the harp was fond of music. But when he began to play it....they say he coughed up blood and died an extremly painful death.

Yasuaki pulls out a harp.

Akane - The harp killed him?

Tomomasa - Yes. A harp's normally sweet strains...killed him within an instant.

Akane in her mind - Is that even possible?!

Tenma - Get real. No one dies from listening to music.

Shimon enters and says - Um, actually I;ve heard of something like this.

Akane - Shimon!

Shimon - A lot of people killed themselves...when they heard this one song on the radio.

Akane - Really?!

Shimon - Uh-huh music can really affect people's emotions.

Tenma - Yeah, well I perfer music that rocks! I'm missing all kinds of new albums back at home!

Shimon - But it's true. Songs can make you happy or sad.

Akane - And some can even make you sleepy!

Tomomasa - This isn't about the music. The problem is the the harp itself.

Yasuaki - It is said that the shape of a harp depicts our world. It's upper half represents Heaven, it's lower half represents Earth. It's length is three jaku, six sun, and five bu, representsing the days of the year. It's widest point is six sun, symbolizing the six directions. It's waist four sun across symbolizing the four periods of time. And the thirteen marks for finger placement symbolize the 12 months plus the extra day of the leap year. That's why it's melodies...have the power to calm those who hear them.

Akane in her mind - A miniature world....

Akane So why did it that Monk die?

Yasuaki - It has on extra string. That extra string disrupts the world the harp deplicts. And it disrupts the energy of the player, thus killing him. If the Monk hadn't played it, someone else would have.

Akane - Oh...

Yasuaki - Anyone who plays the eight string harp dies. It was specifically made..to kill thos who play it. It's a tool for cursing others.

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Spring Break Among Other Things  
07:42pm 12/04/2010
So its finally spring break for my high school. Its so wacked up how the school system in Greenville always has to have spring break almost at the end of April just a few weeks before we get out of school for summer. I guess its somewhat got its points since if you go on vaction for spring break toward the end of April most of the places ain't as packed.

Oh yeah I don't think I mention in my last post but my principal at the high school I go to decided to resign but the Board of Education refused it so he is quitting as soon as school is out for summer. So my senior year I'll be getting my 8th principal since kindergarden. Thats alot right? I've had alot of principals because the school I got to is divided up into four sections W.O. Parmer (kindergarden - 2nd grade), Greenville Elementry (3rd grade - 4th grade), Greenville Middle School (5th grade - 8th grade), and Greenville High School (9th grade - 12th grade). The thing with having so many principals is like this the 1st one I had retired after kindergarden, the 2nd one I only had for my last two years at W.O. Parmer, the 3rd one was the one I had at Greenville Elementry, the 4th one I only had for two years because he retired after the sixth grade, the 5th one I had for my last two years at Greenville Middle School, the 6th one got promoted up to the Board of Education after nineth grade, the 7th one is the one I've had for this year and last year and is leaving for some unknown reason, and the 8th one is going to be the principal I have for my last year at Greenville High School. My school is pretty wacked up, right? Oh well, you get use to it after so many years.

Something thats happened lately is one I got a big persuasive research essay on Rights of Nonsmokers for AP English with a rough draft due next Monday and final draft due the 22nd. Secondly would be Prom. Prom will be next Saturday. Since the gym is under construction(due to sprinkler system going off and flooding the gym and band room) the Prom will be at this Fancy golf course(I don't remeber the name of it). I also got my dress it is so pretty and its a short puffy green prom dress which still needs a pair of shoes. Currently I don't have a date not like even want one even so I'll probably be pushed to go with my cousin. By the way me going to the Prom with my cousin isn't as wierd as you think. Living in a small town in the south where you are almost related to everyone in town its not really considered wierd if you go with your cousin. Going out with your cousin is a whole another thing and not something am going to talk about right know.

Lastly I've decided that I might put some summaries of Haruka Beyond the Stream of Time on here. This would be due to that Haruka has been stopped being updated on MAngafox due to being in English. So being nice as I am I suggested on a thread under Haruka that if anyone wanted I could do some summaries of the chapters I've got from volume 4 and 5 & summaries of volume 6 and 7. Hopefully I can be able to do it but I most likely won't put one up until am totally done with my persuasive research essay. So most likely if I do them I won't have the first one posted until sometime in May most likely sometime after Cinco de Mayo and my birthday so most likely the middle of May. Even so I'll try and see if can get one or two done before then maybe but not gaurenteed.

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Since My Last Entry  
03:50pm 16/02/2010
Even though not matter how much I want to say not a lot has happened since my last entry there has been. First Ivana got her lunch changed so instead of having third lunch with me and my friends she now has first lunch. After she left our lunch the people who sit at the table behind us lost thier table. So we let them sit at our table with us but they ended up over taking it and I got my seat taken by exboyfriend's girlfriend. So now I seat a table by myself because I couldn't stand them over taking our table plus her taking my seat. Lindsay and Anna Jean want me to come back and sit with them but I refuse.

Then on the ninth of this month I got my class ring its really beautiful. Lately I've been talking to my ex on Facebook. While talking to him online he told me something that made me happy that we didn't last. He told me that he had wished that our relationship had been more sexual. I was like, "WHAT!?" Just to let you know am not the kind of girl that will get sexual with my boyfriend even if it does mean he'll break up with me if I don't.  I won't do it because first am not going do that until am married, second I believe its wrong to do that before mariage, and lastly my parents would kill me if I did.

Then this past friday for the first time in some many years it snowed down where I live. I live in deep south part of Alabama so it doesn't snow here often and when it does it usually doesn't stick. So friday we got about two inches or more of snow because of that school got canceled. The snow was so different than what its described in books or how its showed on tv. Then snow wasn't fluffy, nice, or soft at all but instead it was hard and cold. Even so I made some snow angels, had snow ball fights, took lots of pictures, and lastly destroyed my sister's snowman. I even got to talk to my ex because he was staying st his granny's who is three houses down from. We talked, had snow ball fights, and eventaully had me thrown in the snow. Due to staying outside for so long and being thrown into the snow I got sick and been sick since. Since I've been sick I decided not to go to school today and most likely I'll go tomorrow if I feel up to it.
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2010 So Far  
06:48pm 15/01/2010
Ok so the new year has been good for me so far. For New Years Eve I went to my church and stayed there until about 12:30. While there we had some food, sang for a while, then alot of people left, what people were left played games, as in adults played cards and dominos while the kids played hide n seek. After the singing I went and played with the little kids due to the fact that the few people that were my age that came left after singing and went to Brittany's which I wasn't invited to since I don't participate with the youth group or care to do so. Then on News Years Day a stayed at home in bed that morning then that afternoon I went to the movies went to the movies with my mom and grandmother and saw Princess and the Frog with my grandmother. After the movies I went with my mom, dad, grandmother, and sister up to Montgomery and went shopping.

Then when I went back to school on the 7th Thursday we ended up not going to school the next day due to it being really cold and the chance of snow. Unfortuntly we didn't get any snow. =( At school we ended up changing lunches from 1st lunch to 3rd lunch. Where I sit at lunch started to be taken over by a bunch little black girls. They had tried to steal Ivana's and Anna Jean's seats but it didn't ever go through though. One of them had been sitting in Lindsay's sit but we didn't say anything about it since she hadn't been at school. Yesterday she came back to  school so she sat at her regular seat. Then the black girl that had been sitting ther came over and told Lindsay to move down. Lindsay told her feebly that it was her seat. The black told her so what. I then told her that it was her seat and that she had been sitting there before she was and she replied with so what again. Then I finally told her that we had been sitting at this table since the first day of school and was seat and that she was going to sit there. The girl got really pissed at me and left. She then told her friend that,"That white girl made me so mad I was about to back slap her." Then I told Lindsay that if that black had really wanted to black slap me she would have already had gone and did it. Then we told Ivana who couldn't believe I would actually and go and tell off a black girl but end she was happy for me since don't really speak up that much and defend myself.

Other things than that have happened to me at school. The reason for my friend Lindsay not coming to school this year until yesterday would be due to her now exboyfriend. I was going to go and and talk about her problems but that would make me a bad friend putting stuff about her boyfriend troubles on the Internet for everyone to read even though no one from school can read my blog since I took off the link to it on Facebook. While to sum it up her boyfriend is moving and he broke up with her again. Since he has broken up with her she has been so depressed which has unfortutly made me, Ivana, and Anna Jean want to shake her.

Then there is prom. For certain reasons we can't have prom at the school this year. Its due to the fact that some how water got in the pipes to the sprinkles in the class rooms which has made the sprinkles go off. The sprinkle went off in the band room and gym and flooded the gym. So now the band room has to be recarpetted and the floor in the gym has to be redone. So what I've heard that the prom will be either at the YMCA or Camridge Golf Course. In my opinion I hope they pick Camridge Golf Course but I don't get to pick since am not on the prom comittee because I didn't sell anything last semester. My mom is so against me going to prom and because of that I'll have pay for my dress myself or get my dad to get it since he is ok with me going. Other than that when prom comes am probably be staying at Ivana's and going to the prom with her and Lindsay. Then lastly am getting my class ring the beginning of next month which I ordered either at the end of October or the beginning of November. Can't wait to get it am so glad that am a junior in high school.

Looking back at what I've typed this has to be my longest entry I've done so far. I think this is going to be the only and last really long entry am going to for now that is. Oh well ttyl! <(^_^)>
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Christmas Day  
03:01pm 25/12/2009
First off before I say anything.....
Hope you liked that I made it this morning on Blingee to send to my friends on myspace. So far Christmas has been really good today. I looked on STI(its a thing our school uses so we can check our grades at home) and found out that I made 1 A, 4 B's, & 1 C on my 9wks test unfortunlly my spanish teacher hadn't put in that grade in yet so I don't know what I made in spanish 2. Even so I have mostly A's & B's and 2 C's which is a real improvement for me but mom disagrees.

For Christmas so far today I've got candy from Russell Stovers, two hair pins with bows on them, red, black, & white studed braclet, $25 girft card for Aero, two striped long sleeve shirts one in purple the other blue, cool black graphic tee, paint spladered pants, somewhat ripped denim skirt, Southern Belle Auburn shirt, blue with snowflakes pajamas, black and pink checkered gloves, black rain boots with butterflies on it, black, purple, blue, & white converses, word search book, a pair of Aurburn earings, and last but not least a Auburn snogie.

So right now my mom and grandmother are cooking Christmas dinner. When its ready by Granny and Aunt Brenda will come over and will finally eat then open up more presents. Then late tonight after my Granny and Aunt have left will go to my Uncle Ricky and Aunt Sue's house. I'll probably stay there for a while ,as in we won't leave untill 11 or after, eat cake, and open our very last  presents for the day. So before I get off I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 

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Whats With Me  
08:20pm 10/12/2009
Quite a few things have happened to me since I last posted something on here. First I got off the week for Thanksgiving it was pretty good except I didn't get any turkey. ='( Than after that I celebrated my sisters birthday she turned the big 20. Then I got to the movies for the first time in a while and saw Blind Side which was AWESOME. Rooted for Auburn in the Iron Bowl but we lost and also for the Gators when they play Alabama and they also lost =(.

After all that I went back to school and had some problems and drama going on. First off is the thing with Lindsay. She is now going back out with Marcus for the 5th or 6th time which she is stupid for doing. Now she wants to drops out of school just because school is lame. Those two things are getting on my nerves and my friends too. Ivana finally got herself another boyfriend. This time its a guy named Colby who goes to Georgania and is in the 8th grade. Even though she's got boyfriend she's still going crazy about this guy in our Spanish class.

Now that was just the drama am dealing with now its my problems. This week in Physiology/Anatomy we had to desict (sorry I can't spell) frogs. So I was paired up with Anna who did most of the work (am sorry Anna) due to the fact I couldn't stand the fact of touching a dead frog, opening it up, smell of it, and that I thought that it was just wrong to open up a dead frog just to learn the muscles. Today was HAPPYLY our last day of cutting them up. Then I had my portfolio due in Creative Writing due today. Which include writing a scene, short story, children's story, and a fable and our freewrites and our reflection we did in class. Last night I stood up late doing most of that and now I still have to write some poetry to fill up my poetry book in that class. Then lastly I have all my nine weeks test coming up next week.

Other than all that I've been reading some new mangas. If your intrested in shojo, romance, drama, school life, historical, and fastasy manga take a look at the list of manga I've just been reading lately.
  • He's Dedicated to Roses
  • Crazy Girl Shin Bia
  • Bride of the Water God
  • It's Love
  • Her Majesty's Dog
  • Do You Want to Try
  • Monkey High
Theres actually more manga that I've read lately but I can't think of them at the moment. So if your intresited in reading any of them go to mangafox and you can read them. If you want to read the third on Bride of the Water God you'll have to go to mang.animea.net because unfortuntally (still can't spell lol) mangafox doesn'y have it. If you do read any of them I would love to hear what you think of it. Well am going get off for now be back on soon.
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November - Tuesday Morning  
07:28am 17/11/2009
Everything is going good here. Well except that our football team lost the second round against Demoplis...boo. I a;so find out what I made on the ACT. I made a 20 which I guess is pretty good since it was my first time and I didn't study. Next week am out of school for the entire week since next week is Thanksgiving. YAY. Originally I was going get my family to go up to Gaitlinburg for Thanksgiving but thats not happening because Dad would never look into it seriously. School wise I've got alot going on.
  1. Learn two spanish songs(one is a romance song and the other is a Christmas song)
  2. Write something done for all my free writes I haven't wrote anything done for, write a short story, write a scene, write a childrens story, and finish my book of poetry
  3. Download Photostory, finish my project on Photostory, write script, record my voice on Photostory, present it to my class on Friday(unless Miss Luker changes the due date), and map test on Central America and South America
  4. Actually work on my still lives and get them done so I have enough stuff to go into my portfolio
Man thats alot but I'll have to deal with it. Now I got to go get my uniform on or am going to be late for school. BYE!!
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